physical exercise will help in keeping you fit

How to Stay Young and Manage Your Ageing Tissues by Preventing High Blood Pressure, Over Weight, And Strokes.

How to Stay Young and Manage Your Ageing Tissues by Preventing High Blood Pressure, Over Weight, And Strokes.

Whether you like it or not you are going to grow old one day, diseases such as high blood pressure or hypertension, strokes, etc. and been overweight are inevitable.

If proper preventive measures are not taken. nothing is more certain than the passage of time and the changes that come with it.


Naturally, you would have wished you could stay much more younger and full of energy, but this you cannot do.


You must, therefore, find ways to adjust your mind even as nature seeks to adjust your body to the changes of time.


You would have wished at one time or the other to turn back the clock of time and prevents or stop your body from growing old.


Unfortunately that is not possible you can’t achieve that. But you can do much to delay this process by making it a lifelong habit to choose the right diet.


You must also learn to live sensibly, taking sufficient rest and exercise, and avoiding those things that can break down your body’s resistance to disease.


There is nothing new or bad about your desire to stay young forever. People pay a large fortune, huge sums of money to look young.


And expand a lot of resources to undergo different types of cosmetic procedures, or plastic surgery all in a bid to look younger and more attractive.


Years ago people wore special charms, drank all manner of concoction, or went to pilgrimages to various shrines to keep themselves from growing old. But the story was always the same.


Eventually they will still grow old and die, usually at the same age as their parents did. Hereditary influences are very strong in determining the length of a person’s life.


Today many people are looking for some magic pill or tonic, or some sort of injections, or even an operation that might help to prolong their years.


So they travel from one country to another or run from one doctor to another. Hoping to find something that will keep their body young, vigorous, and full of energy forever.

measuring high blood pressure

measuring high blood pressure


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Changes are inevitable 

But regardless of all you may do or spent on your body, the passing of time always brings subtle changes that cannot be ignored.


Take a good look in the mirror and you will probably see some of these changes taking place in your body right now as the years go by. But there is no reason to panic or get discouraged.


Those changes or extra lines evident in your body often add richness and character to the features never seen in your younger years.


As explained above sooner or later you are going to be confronted with old age and you must face up to the profound changes that lie ahead.


And before you approach this day, you may have to make some important decisions or choices that will help you, and your loved ones during the closing years of your life.


We are all going to face this day someday, not that you are going to prolong your life.


To reduce any suffering or disease that is associated with time, and then make our remaining days happy and satisfying. That is the desire of everyone.



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How to prevent and watch out for the following condition in your old age:

Arteriosclerosis or Hardening of the Arteries

Although this condition is common in later life, it is not a normal part of growing old. The condition is a result of years of neglect, plus a poor diet.


And bad choices or habits of living often leads to the onset of this condition. Many who suffer from this condition are or have been grossly overweight.


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So that fatty deposits are found in the walls of many important arteries. This condition is the chief cause of strokes and heart attacks in many senior citizens is often inherited and is far easier to prevent than to cure.


As a young man or woman you should realize that hardening of the arteries often begins early in life. You should become aware of the danger and do your best to follow a balanced program of living right from your earliest days.

Losing weight

High Blood Pressure or Hypertension 

Though high blood pressure or hypertension does not only affects older people, it can come during the middle and later years of life and is often associated with strokes and heart disease.


It’s most serious complications can often be avoided for following a lifelong habit of sensible living such as:



  • Reduce your stress level



  • Cut back on sugar and refined carbohydrates


  • Quit smoking


  • Cut back on caffeine


The list can go on and on the bottom line is that each time you sit down to eat you are about to make a very important decision about life eat sensibly.


And make the good choices that would not course you pain in your later life. Always go for medical examination time to time so as to avert some of these conditions before it is too late.


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physical exercise will help in keeping you fit



Your chances of stroke doubles as you advance in age. Strokes are very common during the later years of your life.


Most strokes arise from a number of factors such as high blood pressure or hypertension.


Stroke can also occur as a result of tobacco smoking. Nicotine makes your blood pressure go up.


Cigarette smoke causes a fatty build-up in your main neck artery. It also thickens your blood and makes it more likely to clot.


Leg ulcers and varicose veins

It is common in older people. Where ever possible, it is wise to have the large, twisting veins completely removed by surgery.


This is always the most satisfactory treatment. Smaller ulcers of the legs may then heal without further surgery.


Larger ulcers may need to be covered with a skin graft to promote healing.


Glandular troubles

Many older people suffer from itching, dizziness, hot flashes, and other distressing symptoms most of these arise from endocrine changes in the body.


Hormones are often the answer to these troublesome conditions older ladies may benefit from the use of female hormones.


While older men may need male hormones to keep them well. A combination of both male and female hormones may help to prevent some serious aging problems, such as osteoporosis, or thinning of the bones.



Diabetes may also come on in later life and is usually rather mild, so that it may not be recognized until a person has a routine medical examination.


Fortunately, this form of diabetes is easier to control than the juvenile type that occurs in younger people.


The good news is that most elderly people also respond to diabetic treatment these days as there is no cure you can only manage it.


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It is very important as you age that you embrace a cheerful, optimistic outlook towards life.


The lists of the diseases mentioned above can go on and on, it can be frightening.


The most important thing is to remain optimistic about life have a keen interest in things that will promote wholesome living and a healthy lifestyle.


In addition to living a healthy lifestyle it is very important to engage the services or rather the counsel and guidance of a good personal physician.


On whom you can depend on at all times. You don’t have to wait until you are sick or very ill before finding a good doctor for yourself or your family members.


Many of the illnesses mentioned above can be prevented or relieved. When recognized and treated on time.  


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