Is There Really Market for Rabbits ?

Market for Rabbits

Markets for rabbits is one of the major concerns raised by will be rabbits farmers. Over the years I have been bombarded with this singular question is there really a market for rabbits?

Young rabbits just wandering why you are focusing on us

Young rabbits just wandering why you are focusing on us

To be honest, truth be told no sane individual will like to invest in any business that has no future, reasonable profit margin or prospectus costumers.


Sourcing for the market for rabbits could be a daunting task for many, but to be honest this should not be the case.


Just like in any other business, be it a commodity, foodstuff, real estate, and general merchandise. Before you start you make projections, outsourcing, and advertisement on how to market your products.


In the same vain you brainstorm on how to market your rabbits. The good thing about rabbits is that they are not perishable goods.


Apart from the initial capital you need to set up their accommodation or place of abode.

A Male Rabbit Buck relaxing

A Male Rabbit Buck relaxing.

Rabbits Are Easy To Maintain

Unlike other livestock, rabbits are easy to maintain and feed, when taken care of very well you have a low incidence of disease infection among your rabbits.


You can easily source for their feed around your neighborhoods especially when you live in a less densely populated environment.


Rabbits eat a wide variety of leaves and shrubs in our gardens, surroundings and can feed on household kitchen scrap.


This singular characteristics makes rabbit rearing very lucrative and provides a wide and reasonable profit margin.


Practically the prospect and market for rabbits is great considering the current population explosion and worldwide food shortages.

Young rabbits little bit curious

Young rabbits little bit curious

A rabbit operation is much cheaper to set up than a comparable intensive production system such as chicken or pig farming.


Individuals that are concern about their health and the eating of red meat are strongly advised to go for rabbit meat. Which is a leaned meat with low cholesterol?


Rabbits are a highly prolific and quick-breeding source of low-fat, high-protein meat and have long been enjoyed as a food by many people across the globe. A fine-grained white meat can be substituted for poultry meat in many recipes.


The large New Zealand breed, which can reach a weight of between 4,5kg and 5kg, is used exclusively.

Just having an afternoon nap

A female doe, Just having an afternoon nap

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Market for Rabbit’s Meat

In all honesty, there has never been a time in my farming carrier as a rabbit farmer that I have to scratch my head to look for markets for my rabbits. Instead, we are always short of supplies to our teeming customers.


Rabbits are loved the world over especially by children family owners as pets. When it comes to most parts of Africa we are a highly religious society.


Muslims, Christians, Hindus, and Jews do not have religious prohibitions from consuming rabbit meat. As such no, cultural or religious taboos are attached to the eating of rabbits compared to pork meat.


This makes rabbits meat acceptable by the larger populace. But this is just a fraction of the market potentials of rabbits.


However, because of their popularity as pets, there is one factor that is difficult to counter, the animal right activist have a cold feet towards rabbit consumption.


Fortunately, these have not dissuaded chefs across the country from adding rabbit meat to their menus. Today, rabbit meat can be found on many menus in restaurants across the world.


Aside from this rabbit meat is a sumptuous, delicious healthy meat relish by all and sundry especially those that are concern about their health and cholesterol level intake.

Young fryers in a relax mode preening

Young fryers preening and relaxing in their hutch

Nutritional Value of Rabbit’s Meat


If you are looking for a good and cheap source of protein for your family rabbit meat is your best bet. It’s quite a healthy piece of meat that is good for the heart because of its low level of fats and high protein content.


According to nutritionists, rabbit meat contains a high percentage of easily digestible protein. It is also almost cholesterol-free and the sodium content is lower than that of chicken, beef, lamb or pork.


Market for Rabbits

This brings us back to our great question is there really a market for rabbits? Just as I have pointed out earlier on.


In starting any business you have to make a market survey for your product rabbit inclusive. This is the normal practice in any enterprise.


The key to the success of any livestock farming business is dedication, passion, consistency and most importantly having healthy, well-nourished attractive animals (rabbits). This will keep your prospectus customers spellbound.


A young rabbit

A young rabbit

The following are channels we employ in selling and disbursing our rabbits to our numerous customers.


I strongly believe can apply to your region or country. These channels have proven to provide insatiable customers to us over the years.


  • We supply our rabbits to the livestock farmers market.


  • We deal with direct customers, who come to the farm for their rabbits either to rear, keep as pets or serve as meat. Although this can be achieved over the years with consistency, you will build trust between you and your customers.


  • One of our major customers are Agricultural Research Institute, Universities, Colleges of Education and Agriculture. They require rabbits in large quantities for their Research Work and Final Year Projects. For both Masters and Bachelor Degrees respectively.


  • We also collaborate with government own rabbitry for supplies in case they ran out of stock we supply them.


  • Supply is made to other farms too, who want to start their own rabbitry.


  • We also supply to restaurants and barbecue joints in and around our neighborhood and State in general.


  • Rabbits are transported to other states that need them.


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A female doe rabbits in her-hutch.

A female doe rabbits in her-hutch.

Crating and Transporting Live Rabbits

You can transport rabbits almost any distance with safety, if they are in good condition, properly crated, and provided with food and water.


Do not transport them in extremely hot or cold weather if possible they should be transported very early in the morning and late in the evening.


Always use well-ventilated crates that are long enough to permit the rabbit to lie down. Use straw for bedding. Crates with slanting tops discourage stacking.

A rabbit, Just trying to grap what is happening

A rabbit, Just trying to grasp what is happening


When it comes to the market for rabbits it should be looked upon just like any other business. It requires consistency over time, customer trust, customer satisfaction, quality (healthy rabbits) and ability to deliver at record time.


Networking and collaboration among rabbit farmers are also very crucial in establishing a market for your rabbits.


With the rising population around the globe, a lot of individuals and family owners are looking for a healthy and cheap source of protein for their families.  As long as you have a healthy and attractive rabbits, there will always be a market for your rabbits.

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