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5 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Engage in Farming and Its Activities

5 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Be a Farmer

Farming and farming activities were a means of livelihood even before the advent of agricultural mechanization.


Before civilization itself, our forefathers live solely on agriculture and agricultural produce.


Modern technology, improvement in health care, provision of modern infrastructure, etc.


Life was much more peaceful and also healthier back then. Things were natural, no chemicals, no additives, or preservatives were added to what we eat. We consume natural food just the way they are.


Farming and its activities gave us an ample opportunity to commune with nature and live a more natural and peaceful life.


You have the opportunity to grow plants, keep livestock, rear animals or engage in poultry farming.


farming family

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The mere sights of seeing your plants grow and flourish. Seeing your animals or livestock multiply gives you more joy and a sense of accomplishment.


Farming is capable of improving your general well-being especially when you are doing it the right way.


Of course, you will do very well, with passion and dedication. When you observe and implement the best practices in farming.


As a young farmer myself I can attest, and confidently inform you that farming and its activities mean good and natural life.


No regret at all, but farming just like any other profession has its own up and down. But you can always surmount it.


The following reasons are why you should embrace farming and live a happier and healthier life as well:

Farming and the various farming activities can generate wealth for you and your family


Gone were the days especially in most parts of Africa where people look down on farming or agriculture as an occupation.


The misconception that farming is meant for the rural poor or uneducated is a thing of the past.


A lot of research has been conducted in the various branches and fields of agriculture with incredible results.


A lot of improved varieties of seeds have been developed. A better breed of animals has also been developed. All this translates into a robust and bumper harvest.


High-yielding egg-producing laying hens and disease resistance poultry birds have been developed.


tractor in the field


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Guaranteeing greater yields and return on investment world over the results are visible there for everyone to see. And research is still ongoing in the field of agriculture today.


You don’t have to live in big cities before you fulfill your dream of a better life. Even in your small farming community, you can achieve financial freedom and greatness.


Utilizing Your Past Experience

A few days ago I met a childhood friend who shared his experience with me. Of how he left for the big city a long time ago in search of greener pastures and job opportunities that never came.


He grew up in a farming community down South West of Nigeria that was before his University education.


They farmed and sold cocoa and even export it to other countries as is the practice of most cocoa farming communities in the South West.


But immediately after his University education, he decided to head to the big city. For bigger opportunities instead of improving and expanding his existing business.


From the wealth of experience gained from his University education, because he read crop production in the university.


He told me about the pathetic situation of how he moved from one office building to another.


From one government establishment or agency to another in search of white-collar jobs, all to no avail.


He did this for four (4) solid years with so much frustration until one day his Pastor advise him.


Why not go back to your childhood passion and trade, you knew how to do best.


Go back to the village and grow cocoa, expand your business, use your University education as an added advantage.


Improve on what you have been doing with your father. Since you already have practical experience on how to grow cocoa before your University education.


Fortunately for him, he accepted the advice and traveled back to the village, and started his initial cocoa farming business all over again.


After some years he came back to the city (Abuja), the capital of Nigeria, this time around not to look for a white-collar job.


But for relaxation, and to acquire properties in the city. Because he had made so much money from his cocoa farming business.


He has enough money to come to the city to buy properties and relax.


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Farmers have better and richer foods

 As a farmer I mean a serious and successful farmer, you will always have access to healthy and rich foods because you grow your food.


You are sure of the source of the food; they are fresh, free from all forms of chemicals, preservatives, additives.


Your foods don’t have to travel far before they get to you, that’s the more reasons you always get them fresh and healthy.


As a farmer not only do you have access to farm-fresh foods and food free from chemicals.


But you can get meet other family needs from the proceeds of the sales from your farm produce.


fresh vegetables as a result of farming activities

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Farmers have better health

With the improvement in health and medical science all over the world compared to what is obtainable several years back.


Farmers, especially those that leave in rural areas have access to some basic primary health care.


They don’t have to travel far to have access to health care. As a result, some diseases that used to be farmers’ nightmare before, have been reduced to the barest minimum.


The serene environment, clean atmosphere, absence of exhaust fumes from cars and heavy machinery.


Reduce stress that characterizes the farming community makes a farmer live longer. And is not prone to certain respiratory diseases disorder, or cancer, e.g lung cancer.


An average farmer in the rural area has access to; or rather inhale clean oxygen from the atmosphere. Thereby protecting and preserving some of his vital organs as mentioned above.


farming activities tending to yam plant


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Farming and Farming Activities Generate Employment

 Apart from the means of livelihood that can be generated from farming activities.


Farming activities can generate employment for the farmer and his immediate family.


A farmer can generate employment for his unborn children or lineage as well. Instances have been given in countries like America, South Africa, or Great Britain.


Where they have advanced in technology and are using technology to advance their farming enterprise.


Examples are there to see where farms were started several decades ago, even a century ago.


By some successful farmers are handed over to their children, and great-grandchildren as a family enterprise are still thriving and waxing strong.


Their grandchildren, great-grandchildren will continue to manage and expand the farm.


At the same time employing themselves, the community, and the society at large.


They don’t only manage the farms it provides means of livelihood to them and their children.


So they don’t have to look elsewhere, all they need to do is to improve on what has been handed over to them by their parents.


Unlike in other conventional Jobs, for instance, as a Professor, Doctor or Director heading one government agency or the other.


The day you drop death your position will be given to another person, and all your certificate goes to the grave with you.


Nobody can claim them, but in farming, your children can always inherit your farm or your company as a legacy or heritage to protect and preserve.

Rice field

Farming Activities can Foster Unity and harmony within the family and the community in general

I often watch with amazement and always admire the way some farming families, especially in the developed world e.g America, coordinate their life.


Living in peace and harmony not just with nature but with their families.


They work with passion assigning responsibility to one another on the farm and having respect for each other. 


There is nothing as peaceful and wonderful as having a family agreeing to work together and helping each other for the betterment of all.


The rapid expansion of farmers’ markets in most communities in the world allows the farmers to interact with one another.


To find a common ground for the sale of their farm produce and also to interacts with the consumer directly. Making life more meaningful.


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