Cow fattening techniques

How Cow Fattening Can Make You Rich

How Cow Fattening Can Make You Rich

Cow fattening has changed the stories of many farmers around the world for good. With land becoming scarce due to urbanization and population explosion around the world.


The herders and farmers clashes especially in developing countries such as Nigeria.


Cow fattening (zero-grazing) is therefore a very good option and a better alternative to the normal grazing method.


Cow fattening is a method of buying an emaciated, hungry, and thin cow. Restricting their movement in shades and feedlots.


Feeding them with well nourish balance diets to optimize their growth, weight, and size for maximum profit.


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Providing shades for your cows

You are expected to provide well-ventilated shades, floor systems, and feedlots for your cows.


Before they arrive especially if they are coming from areas with low or cold temperatures to humid hot tropical climates.


This will help them acclimatize, and will considerably reduce the intensity of direct sunlight, heat stress and ensure optimal fast growth, weight gain, and performance.


Cows feeding under cow fattening project

Providing Adequate shade and feed.

Cow fattening

Feeding on hay

Breeds of Cow Suitable for Cow Fattening

Before you buy your cow there is some specific breed that is very good for beef and cow fattening purposes, depending on your region.


Breeds like Sokoto Gudali, Adamawa Gudali are very good for tropical regions especially in West Africa particularly Nigeria.


Other breeds include Brahman, Angus, shorthorn they are very good for cow fattening and optimizing your profits.


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Feeding your cows

The choice of feed, you give your cow will to a large extent determine your success or failure.


The following feeds can be used for cow fattening to optimize growth and weight gain, within the shortest possible time:

  • Roughages (hay and silage)
  • Protein ( groundnut cake, soybeans, etc)
  • Grasses (zero-grazing should be encouraged)
  • Grains (corn, millet, sorghum etc)
  • Beans stalk, millet stalk, etc.
  • Wheat offal, maize brand, or meddling

Care must be taken when feeding your cows with corn or maize brand especially the size suitable for chicken.


It can cause a very serious condition known as bloating especially when it is eaten in large quantities.


It is advisable to mix it with roughage to reduce the incidence of bloating.  


When giving them grasses avoid feeding them with the young leguminous plants.


 It is discovered that young leguminous plants of certain species when eaten in large quantity can also cause bloating.


So in order to avoid such conditions, it is advisable to monitor your animal closely to know when they are bloating or not.


How to know they are bloating is when the left side of the stomach is swollen and the animal is motionless.


You are advised to reduce their feeding for sometimes before you continue depending on the severity of the condition.


you are expected to seek the services of a qualified veterinary doctor immediately.



Cow Fattening Entails Keeping your Cows Healthy

Deciding to keep your cow healthy is one of the most important decisions you will make in order to succeed in this venture.


The following operations are important to keep your cow healthy:

  • Providing adequate clean water at all times in their shade.
  • Providing a well-balanced diet and keeping them well fed especially if their movement is restricted.
  • Provide adequate sand bedding to ease stress their shade should always be clean and dry.
  • Monitor your cow feed and water consumption closely. Decreased feed intake might be an indication or early sign of sickness or disease. Seek prompt medical attention.
  • Provide a stress-free environment for your animal, stress weakens the immune system of most animals and your cow is not an exception. So it is important you take time to interact with your cow with calmness and tenderness. Also, be very observant.
  • Make friends with veterinary doctors in your area and location. Learn some basic health management tips from them.
  • Call the attention of an experienced veterinary doctor immediately you notice any abnormalities in the behavior and feeding pattern of any of your flock.


Cattle Grazing. In order to maximize your profit restricting their movement is more profitable. Less energy is expanded, their exposure to ticks and other health hazards will be greatly curtailed.


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Reducing the Cost of Feeding Your Cows

Reducing the cost of feeding is an integral part of cow fattening if you really want to maximize your profit.


When you decide to buy your cow, buying emaciated and lean cows especially from drought-prone areas at a minimal or low cost is very important.


This is very beneficial because your ultimate goal is to maximize your profit, taking time, and season into consideration.


For instance, buying cows during the rainy season is very advantageous because the cows are readily available and cheap.


Due to the availability of green vegetation, with an apparent reduction in the cost of feeding.


Buying corn and roughage’s especially at the time of harvest is relatively cheaper and saves a lot of money.


For instance, during the harmattan (dry season) between the period of November and February after harvest in Nigerian hay, roughages and grains are normally cheap.


It is advisable to take the advantage of the harvest season buy them in large quantities to stockpile and store so that it can last throughout the year.


Reducing waste, providing adequate storage facility for roughage’s (hay and silage) for a considerable long time period. Especially throughout the drying seasons.


One of the ways to reduce wastage’s considerable during cow fattening again is to avoid pouring their feed on the ground.


Most cows once they trample on the feed they find it difficult to eat again because they normally want it fresh.


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Cow fattening is a highly lucrative business when done correctly. It will make any farmer proud of himself each time he sees his well-fed, good looking, and healthy cow.


The market is always readily available, especially when you have a well-fed robust-looking cow.


You can either directly take them to the cattle farmers market, or you employ the services of a middle man for a commission.


The latter is not advisable it’s better you deal with the consumer directly.


You can also visit abattoirs in your area to transact with the butchers or invite them to your farm for direct transactions and negotiations.


But the basic idea and principle for the quick sale of your cow. Is to have a very healthy well nourish good looking cow that will attract immediate buyers.


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