Pambo Fulani village

The Simple Lifestyle of the Fulani People in Nigeria

Lifestyle of the Fulani People 

We visited Mama Lamido on the occasion of the naming ceremony of her grand daughter. In a Fulani village Located some few Killometres from the Niger State capital north central Nigeria.

The name of the village is called Pambo.


Pambo Fulani village

Pambo Village


Pambo is a very simple and natural Fulani settlements. Most Fulani settlement are called Ruga. They live such a natural, peaceful and lovely life devoid of all the hustle and bustle of city life.


The air they breathe is pure and natural, they are surrounded by nature, trees, rivers, and beautiful mountains.


And no emission of carbon dioxide from the exhaust of cars. life in the village is as peaceful as that of a little baby.


Mama Lamido is one of the kind hearted Fulani women I have met in recent times.


She is seen as a leader in her community. She is so kind and full of humor. She supplies and coordinate the supplies of milk popularly known as Fura da Nono.


A popular Fulani delicacy consumed throughout the middle belt, and the northern parts of Nigeria.


Her goal is to make sure everybody is filled and satisfy with her milk. Even when you don’t have money, she can give you base on credit. So you can pay back at your convenience.


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Fulani Diets

On getting to the village that faithful day we were warmly received. With a lot of show of love and kindness.


Afterwards we were served with one of their popular delicacy which comprises mainly of milk, and millet powder cooked into lumps form.

Popularly known as (Fura da Nono).


Followed by rice and beans cooked with oil extracted from cow milk, known as ‘mian shanu’ it was a very sumptuous and delicious meal.


On the Fulani Educational System

Majority of them in the village are adherence of the Islamic faith. At a very tender age of four (4) they enroll their children into Islamic school.


To seek Islamic knowledge at the various Quranic schools located not too far from the village.


I also admire their resilience and courage in the quest to seek Western Education they trek 3.5 kilometers from Monday to Friday just to get to their school. The children enjoy trekking the distance no complains just smile and excitement.


Doing the trekking with grace and passion which amazes us as we watch them go to school on our way coming back from the village.


Young fulani girls

Young Fulani Girls entering the village for the ceremony


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Basically most of them particularly the men are cattle herders, breeders and they live a nomadic lifestyle.


Virtually every day they take their cows for grazing, as from 10:00am or earlier every day till evening down to 6:00pm local time which is their daily routine.


The Fulani people also engage in farming activities like yam and millet cultivation at a subsistence level to augment their nomadic lifestyle.


While their women are mainly referred to as home makers they milk their cow’s every day.


From the proceeds of the sale of the cow milk, they take care of other little needs of the family.


On Communal Peaceful Existence

In the village there is no such thing as different family unit they all live together.


One good trend among the Fulani people is their love for communal work. For in instance, if a family has a need or occasion the entire village will bring in food items to help.


With the materials needed to feed the entire village and strangers from other neighboring villages that may come.


Each family unit will bring food, and will avail themselves to work together for the success of that particular occasion.


All the women in the village look up to an elderly woman as the head for guidance and leadership they revered her and listens to her instructions always.


She dictates to them where and when to sale their products, which helps in ensuring peaceful coexistence among the women folk in the village.


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 On Festivities and Celebration

Just like the wider Fulani community, about 85% of the villagers are adherence of the Islamic faith. They celebrates the two important Islamic festivals Idi fitre and idi el-Kabir every year.


Idi el-fitre is normally celebrated after 29 days of fasting, while the Idi El-Kabir is to mark the sacrifice of ram by prophet Ibrahim.


Other celebrations is the enthronement of their king which comes up from time to time. It is usually observe by practicing one of their cultural rituals.


This particular ritual is called ‘sharo’ it’s a very bloody and brutal ceremony. Whereby some young men will continue to strike, beat or whip themselves with stick.


Sharo Fulani Festival.


Thanks to modernization and the consistent interaction with civilization and western cultures. This particular ritual and practice is fizzling out gradually.


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