guinea fowl in the wild

7 Unique Benefits of Guinea Fowl Farming

7 Unique Benefits of Guinea Fowl Farming

Benefits of Guinea Fowl Farming.

Most times one wonders why people do concentrate more on raising or farming chicken than they do farming guinea fowl.


They often give more attention to chicken farming, but actually, guinea fowl has some real advantage.


With unique characteristics that cannot be ignored by any serious poultry farmer, that really wants to earn a living from poultry farming.


Guinea fowl farming can be likened to be the untapped gold mine of poultry farming.


If you can harness and tap deep into the potentials and benefits of guinea fowl farming you’re going to certainly see a difference.


In particular West African countries like Ghana and Nigeria have helped a lot of families to put food on their table.


And at the same time send their children to school, and also provide a stable source of income and livelihood for them.


a guinea fowl


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Unique Benefits of Guinea Fowl Farming

For centuries humans have domesticated this wonderful and beautiful-looking bird, with outstanding and wonderful characteristics compared to other poultry birds.


The benefits of guinea fowl farming Range from its high resistance to common poultry diseases that affect other species of birds such as broilers, layers, or cockerels.


Diseases such as Newcastle disease, salmonellosis, etc. These qualities make guinea fowl a unique bird to rear and keep at home.


Guinea fowl to be honest as of the time of writing this blog I still cannot understand why it has been neglected and relegated to the back staged.


Most big players in the poultry industries refused to focus on its farming, but underneath lies great opportunity and advantage as earlier mentioned.


If you can really look inward and tap into its farming it has great potentials and promises for any farmer that will venture into it.


Here are some of the amazing benefits you will derive when you engage in guinea fowl farming:


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benefits of guinea fowl farming


Hatching Guinea Fowl Eggs

Due to the uniqueness and health benefits of guinea fowl meat, particularly those who are not comfortable eating red meat.


Guinea fowl meat is lean and has less cholesterol than even chicken meat at the same time very tasty and nutritious.


These characters make guinea fowl meat most sorts after especially for older individuals that are very conscious of the type of meat they eat.


Hatching their eggs and raising them means extra cash for anybody that is engaged in hatching business, particularly in developing countries where you find them in abundance i.e.


In West Africa and most parts of the world, they roam around the neighborhood particularly in villages, and rural areas.


You can talk to women and they will always help you pick their eggs, and sale at cheaper and affordable prices.


I have tried incubating and hatching some and made some substantial profits myself and of course, would advise you to try it.


So long as you have a good incubating machine and you are ready to work and do the right thing.


At the same time you can raise your parents’ stock by practicing free-range farming so as to reduce the cost of production, and at the same time get quality fertilize eggs for hatching.


Other methods of farming are also applicable and very effective such as deep litter farming methods whichever one you choose to adopt is good.


Hatching eggs and selling them will guarantee you and your family a steady source of income.


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The Benefit of Guinea Fowl Farming Includes Reduced Cost of feeding or production

One of the most important characteristics of guinea fowl that makes them very interesting, and economically viable is the fact that they are basically, scavengers, grazers.


And generally feed on a wide range of food items ranging from all manners of grains such as maize, sorghum, millet, etc.


And also guinea fowls scavenge and feed on insects such as ticks, crickets, cockroaches, termites, grasshoppers, etc.


Another good benefit of guinea fowl farming is their ability to fend for themselves especially if you are broke.


You can release them to fend for themselves. And then once in a while particularly twice a day you can give them manufactured or processed feed to supplement their feeding method.





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One Good Benefits of Guinea Fowl Farming Is the Facts That Live Longer Than Other Poultry Birds

They live longer and have a higher productive life than other poultry birds such as broilers or layers which makes them outstanding, and economically viable.


The benefits of guinea fowl farming include longevity, they live between 13 to 15 years that is quite higher than the normal poultry birds.


Most especially if you are using them for the hatchery business, they will lay eggs for you for quite some time.


All you need to do is to take good care of them, provide them with adequate feeding and necessary vaccination and medication where and when necessary.


They Have High Resistance to Disease

The nightmare of every chicken farmer is to see his birds die one after the other without help.


Especially if your birds are not vaccinated upon against the common poultry diseases such as Newcastle, Mareks, salmonellosis that are often the farmers’ nightmare.


Surprisingly these diseases don’t really disturb guinea fowl as much as they disturb other poultry birds such as broilers, layers, or cockerels.


Another good Benefits of guinea fowl farming is their strong resistance against some common poultry diseases, which makes them more economically viable than other birds.


They have great advantages for any serious farmer and are capable of lifting you out of poverty.


If you as a farmer would harness these potentials and raise them properly.


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Source of Food

Guinea fowl are a very good source of eggs and lean meat, and a means of getting more income for the family needs.


These make the benefits of guinea fowl farming more pronounce among the smallholder and the rural farmers.


You can also produce them in commercial quantity for sale as their meat is in high demand as earlier explained.


They have low cholesterol, very tasty and the meat is lean and rich in essential amino acids than that of the chickens.

and is also good for those that are concern about their weight or gaining more weight.


Which makes it very healthy particularly for older people, and those that are just avoiding the consumption of red meat.


guinea fowl in the wild

guinea fowl in the wild


They Can Be Used For Protection and Can Serve as Security Alert

The benefits of guinea fowl farming include protection and security. Guinea fowls are very good at making a sharp and heavy sound, especially if they feel threatened or are in danger.


This makes it very difficult to sneak past a guinea fowl without it alerting or making sounds that may be annoying at times.


The more reason why some folks don’t even like keeping them at all because of the noise they make intermittently, but you can use the noise to your benefit.


They have been known to gang up on predators such as snakes. I have witnessed a situation whereby they almost lynch a snake that is attempting to attack one of their own.


So another good Benefit of guinea fowl farming includes alerting the owner, and other family members.


From small poisonous animals such as snakes or any unwelcomed intruder, on your property, therefore, protecting everyone from being poisoned, injured, or attacked.


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Benefits of Guinea Fowl Farming Includes Poverty alleviation

Another wonderful benefit of guinea fowl farming is in poverty alleviation, particularly in developing countries.


In Africa particularly in countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, etc. The government in such countries came up with good programs aimed at alleviating poverty for its citizenry using guinea fowls.


Due to their outstanding characteristics and qualities to withstand certain common poultry diseases as mentioned above. Their low production cost, and their prolific nature.


All these Benefits of guinea fowl farming make guinea fowl a bird of choice for many governments, non-governmental organizations in Africa. And the developing countries in helping their citizens out of poverty.


As individuals or cooperate organizations, you can also seize these Benefits of guinea fowl farming to go into large-scale guinea fowl production.


So as to provide employment for yourself and also put food on the table for your family and your community at large. 




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