Placing an Order for Baby Chicks, drinking water

7 Important Points to Consider Before Placing an Order for Baby Chicks

7 Important Points to Consider Before Placing an Order for Baby Chicks

Important Points to Consider Before Placing an Order for Baby Chicks

It may amaze you to know that quite a number of those that intend to rear poultry birds don’t have a clue on the simple basics, that is required of them to know about poultry farming. This necessitated the need to write this article.


I’m always taken aback when people come to buy day-old chicks from us. By the time I start interacting with them.


When I ask them simple questions about the state of their preparedness, how prepared they are, what facilities do they have on the ground?


Most importantly, when I begin to ask them questions about brooding, feeders, feeding, housing, drugs, and how they intend to care for their newly acquired baby chicks.


I’m often confused and surprise about their ignorance. Most folks that intend to rear chickens, don’t even understand what brooding means.


We have to start explaining to them the need to provide a special place for their baby chicks.


Which will keep them warm, away from draft air, cold, unfavorable weather conditions, rodents, harmful insects, etc.


Before you ever think of placing an order for baby chicks you have to consider the following basics points that will help you be on the right track:


Placing an Order for Baby Chicks, drinking water

Baby chicks drinking water


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Before Placing an Order for Baby Chicks Understand Your Purpose

From my personal experience and interaction with those buying baby chicks, most of the intending poultry farmers don’t have a clear vision and purpose as to why they are going into poultry farming.


The key to success is understanding your purpose in life and why you are doing what you are currently doing.


Most newbie poultry farmers go-ahead by placing an order for baby chicks, because they saw their friends, family, and neighbors rearing chickens, and they are doing well at it.


Before placing an order for baby chicks ask yourself the following questions.


  • I’m going into poultry farming to rear birds for personnel consumption?
  • Is it for profit or commercial purposes?
  • Or I’m just keeping birds as pets or for the fun of it.

Each of the answers to these questions has a direct impact on the degree of success or failure rate.


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Seek Basic Knowledge before Placing an Order for Baby Chicks


One of our new customers came the other day and was complaining about his turkeys dying one after the other.


Upon further inquiries we discovered that he is completely ignorant of the entire brooding process, he bought his turkeys from another source.


What really happened was that he kept his poults on the verandah of his house in a cartoon, exposed to the adverse weather.


These lead to the death of some of the poults.


Most newbie poultry farmers are ignorant of the importance of the brooding process and its relevance to the high success rates of the entire poultry farming.


Therefore before placing an order for baby chicks, take your time to understand the process of brooding and what it entails.


Before your chicks arrive you are required to have basic knowledge of the type of feed, drinking and watering system, drugs and vaccination to be administered to your birds at the various stages of their life.


Be it a starter, grower or finisher feeds.


Placing an Order for Baby Chicks, drinking water

baby chicks eating


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Provide a Good Shelter


Depending on the size of your project, before placing an order for baby chicks you need to build a good shelter for your birds it’s important.


These will shield them from adverse weather conditions, predators, noise, intruders, cats, dogs, and even wild animals.


By building a standard shelter for your poultry birds you are providing a conducive enabling environment for rapid growth and success.


A separate brooder is required for the first few weeks of your bird’s life, you can use a ceiling sheet to make demarcations or cartoons, shipment material to make a makeshift brooder as the case may be.


This is to shelter your birds throughout the brooding process until they are old enough to be a move to a wider and normal Shelter.


Your shelter should be well ventilated, spacious, and clean, and ammonia-free, you can also provide perches for your birds to climb, jump on, and roost at night.


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Buying the Right Feed to Stock

The quality and quantity of feed have a direct impact on the health and success rate of your Baby chicks. Your chicks need starter feed in the first few weeks of their life, either medicated or non-medicated, that is formulated for their specific nutritional needs.


The shelf life of the feeds should not be more than 90 days for optimal results. Giving your chicks feed continuously (adlipidum) in the first two weeks of their life will accelerate their growth, improve body activity, and rapid weight gain.


Before placing an order for baby chicks it is important that you stock your poultry feed to avoid running out of feed.


Ensure that your poultry feeds are stored in an airtight container such as a plastic drum, to prevent rodents from tampering with it.

Young bird

Baby chicks


Using the Right Bedding Material

Before you ever think of placing an order for baby chicks, you should figure out where and how to source a good bedding material.


Bedding for chicks needs to be a good absorbent material because they poop a lot.


You can use different types of bedding materials for your birds, but you have to put in mind that bedding material is decomposable.


It should be able to absorb the feces, not poisonous, and smells nice to the chicks.


It could be wood shavings, pine shavings, straws,s, etc. the material should be able to form good compost manure that is odorless, dry, and clean.



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Constant Water Supply (Clean and Fresh)

Without a good source of water supply, it will be wrong placing an order for baby chicks. Water is life try as much as possible to maintain a good water temperature for your baby chicks. The water shouldn’t be too hot or too cold.


Endeavor to constantly change their drinking water everyday especially when using manual drinkers. Because baby chicks will always poo and put dirt in the water trough.


Occasionally put multivitamins and electrolyte solution for the weak birds, that need an extra boost


Use drinkers specially design for baby chicks in order to avoid drowning, and also preventing the baby chicks from wetting themselves.


baby chick

Have Some Love and Passion

Love and passion should be the driving force as to why you even consider placing an order for baby chicks in the first place.


Nothing can keep you awake at night to check on your baby chicks other than the passion and love you have for your birds.


Constantly checking on your baby chicks to know, whether their water or feed is finish requires passion and dedication on the part of the farmer.


Making sure that your birds are kept warm and dry is a prerequisite for success.

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