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Providing 4 Top Best Categories of Quality Feed to Your Rabbits

Providing 4 Top Best Categories of Quality Feed to Your Rabbits

One of the key successes of rabbit farming is the provision of quality feed to your rabbits. Regardless of the reason for keeping rabbits.


Either keeping rabbits as a hobby, for meat production, or as a source of income, the bottom line is having a healthy lively rabbit.


Rabbits have a very sensitive digestive system, therefore as a rabbit owner in order to keep their body and health in good working condition.


You have to be both careful and selective in choosing what, when, and how you feed your rabbits for good results.


Healthy rabbits relish their feed as soon as it’s giving to them, one of the indicators that your rabbits might be unwell is their inability to eat food whenever the food is provided.


For good and optimal results proper nutrition should be made available to your rabbits in the following forms and categories.


  1. Hay
  2. Green leaves and vegetables
  3. Pellets
  4. Water (at all times)


providing quality feed to your rabbits


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Hay is one of the most cherished food for rabbits. It should be provided dried and green the dark or brown have less nutrition, less palatable, and is often of less quality.


Hay should be stored in a well-ventilated environment. Dampness and mold formation should be greatly discouraged.


Good quality hay is high and rich in fiber and helps in keeping the rabbit’s teeth in check by disallowing them to grow continuously with constant chewing (Hay).


One of the secrets of having good quality hay is having a storage facility that will enable you to store them for a long time without losing its freshness and nutritional quality.


Buying hay directly from the farmers ensures good quality and helps in saving a lot of money for the farmer.


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In Providing Quality Feed To Your Rabbits Green Vegetables Should Be Your Top Priorities

Rabbits love it green and fresh. Rabbits eat a varied variety of green leaves and vegetables depending on the ones available in your region and environment.


The bottom line, it should be made available to them fresh and neat devoid of dirty, worms, and tiny insects.


Vegetables should be wash and the water allowed to drain dry before presenting it to them.


Rabbits love it when you alternate their feeding with green vegetables.


Green vegetables should be introduced to them gradually this is to enable you to discover whether it is good and safe for them to it.


Carrots leaves, spinach, butterfly leaves, dandelion leaves dill, mint, watercress,  parsley, cilantro, mango, banana leaves are among greens leaves and vegetables relish by rabbits while no go area includes tomatoes, broccoli, onion cabbage, do cause harm to rabbits.


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rabbits relaxing

rabbits relaxing



Feeding rabbits with pellets have one great advantage, especially where you don’t have access to hay or green vegetables.


In situations where the farmer has a very busy schedule.  Pellets are handy food that you can easily buy and keep at home in so doing you’re providing quality feed to your rabbits.


Pellets can be made into one bunch of very rich feed for your rabbits consisting of both fiber and protein for growth and reproduction.


Except you are keeping your rabbits for meat and weight gain. The pellets should be low in protein and high in fiber.


A handful of pellets should be provided to your rabbit’s everyday especially in the mornings. Pellets tend to attract rodents to your facility, especially at night.


Therefore care and consideration must be taken in the construction and location of your rabbit coop to protect them from rats and rodent infiltration.


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Fruits such as watermelon, pineapple, grapes berries, and papaya can be given to rabbits once in a while under supervision. But should not be made to be part of their main daily diet or feed supply.


Never jeopardize the health of your rabbits by consistently giving them treats. If you want to maintain giving quality feed to your rabbits.


Rabbits with a bowl of water



In Providing Quality Feed to Your Rabbit’s Water Should Be an Integral and Important Component.

The liquid of life, water should be provided to your rabbits at all times fresh and clean, by using automatic drinkers or bottles.


Rabbits also love it when you provide their water in a bowl made of clay or ceramics. They love it when it fresh and cool especially during hot summer temperatures.


Efforts should be made to keep the container clean and neat always.


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Rabbits are wonderful animals that respond to good care and love, a well taken care of rabbits looks beautiful, neat, healthy, and attractive, they take good care of their young ones.


They usually have large litters maybe it’s a way of reciprocating your kind gestures.

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