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8 Ways You Can Easily Sale Your Broilers during the Christmas Festive Period

8 Ways You Can Easily Sell Your Broilers during the Christmas Festive Period

This is the time of the year when a lot of small-scale poultry farmers around the world are hoping to cash out from their investment in keeping and rearing broilers on their various poultry farms.

Many broiler farmers especially the newbies in the poultry industry are always excited only to be disappointed at the end of the day as a result of their inability to make the desired sales.

So many factors could be responsible for this including:

  1. Market glutination ( large product in the market)
  2. Poor marketing strategy
  3. Ineffective advertisement
  4. Birds that are poorly fed
  5. Unattractive, poorly-reared broiler chicken
  6. Stocking or rearing broilers without having a defined way of selling or disposing them of (no ready market).


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The rule of thumb is if you have a big and healthy broiler the market will always come to you. Consumers love very attractive, neat, healthy birds with a good marketable weight.

These and many other factors outlined below will help you quickly sell your broiler chicken in record time:

  1. Inform Friends And Family

Informing your friends and family is one of the first steps you should take in letting the world know the kind of product you have for sale. You may be surprised by the number of broiler birds they are going to buy from you.

Many people prefer to do business with acquaintances and friends, because of fear of being duped and the ease of doing business, although it has its drawback.

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broiler for Christmas

  1. Putting Signpost And Banners Notifying Neighbors And Passersby about your Broilers

You cannot do business in the dark; one of the easiest and best ways to let the world know about your farm product is through the use of signposts, and banners to notify passersby, and neighbors of your broiler birds.

You will be surprised by the number of customers you will get. The use of good English, and enticing words coupled with beautiful, graphical pictures will do wonders.

  1. Utilizing The Social Media To Your Advantage

Social media is a wonderful tool when properly harnessed will do wonders for your business. Applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook even Twitter will help you easily reach out to your various contacts, and the rest of the world about your broiler chicken.

Making posts on your Facebook timeline, and groups and utilizing their advertisement platform will make a difference, regularly posting on your whats-app status, and whats-app groups is a good way to reach out to the various contacts on your phone.

  1. Informing Friends and Family that Attends Other Churches to Help You Pass The Message

If you attend churches or religious organizations you can politely walk up to the leaders of such organizations i.e Secretaries, Public relations officers, and Ministers, etc. to help you make a public announcement informing their members of your products (broiler chicken)

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  1. Notifying Heads of Women Fellowship and Their Various Cooperative Societies about your Broilers

If you can have access to the leadership of the women’s fellowship and their various cooperative societies is one of the best ways to quickly sell off your broiler birds.

Women are more inclined to buy poultry meats because of their societal role of cooking for the family.

  1. Visiting Various Government Establishment With The Aim Of Advertising Your Products To Their Cooperative Groups

A lot of government offices and establishments have cooperative organizations that give both material and cash loans to their staff, especially during festive periods such as Christmas. Informing them of your broiler chickens is a good way of selling your birds easily and quickly.

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  1. Striking A Deal With The Middle Men

If you have a large farm and many broiler birds to sell within a short period, then you need the services of the middlemen. You need to strike a deal with them on a certain percentage that will both be beneficial to both of you.

  1. Taking Your Products (Broilers) To The Market Yourself.

Taking your broiler chicken to the market yourself might be the best option for you, it allows you to meet with large junk of your customers directly. Although it requires a lot of hard work i.e conveying your birds to the market, having a stand, the need to negotiate for each bird, etc.

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