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5 Ways You Can Create Your Own Minimum Wage (Means of Livelihood) Through Broiler Farming

5 Ways You Can Create Your Own Minimum Wage (Means of Livelihood) Through Broiler Farming

This knowledge-based article is for those intending to make a living by creating their own minimum wage (means of livelihood) through broiler farming, or those concerned about having another source of income to augment their present paycheck.

As the family grows so are the needs increasing by the day. Thinking of a means of generating another source of income to meet the increasing demands becomes a necessity.


broiler farming (means of livelihood)


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Broiler Farming, How to engage in profitable production.


Broiler farming easily comes to mind due to the following reasons:

  • You can easily start with the available resources on your property.
  • They are genetically bred to grow fast, add meat within the shortest period of time.
  • With good care and management, in just 6 weeks your broiler’s birds are good to go.
  • Funding small-scale production requires less capital.
  • Your family, spouse, and children will be your first staffs
  • You can start small and watch farms grow through the learning curve.
  • Family, friends, and neighbors will be your first customers.
  • Broiler production requires basic knowledge that can be acquired through:
  1. Personal research
  2. Consultation with other farmers.
  • Symposium, workshop, and seminars geared at empowering intending farmers.
  • Forming Cooperative Society’s/Associations with a common goal of accessing government-assisted loan facilities through the Central Bank, various NGO’s (non-governmental organizations), and international aid agencies.
  • Broiler meat is widely accepted by all religions, ethnic groups.
  • It’s the choicest meat for both religious and traditional ceremonies in Africa and across the world.


broiler farming


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Knowing the Basics of Poultry and Broiler Production

Anything worthwhile, and good requires sacrifice, dedication time, and the will to succeed. To successfully raise broiler chicks, to table or market size. You need to have a basic knowledge of broiler production.

And be able to implement a specific set of rules and practices which are wholly based on maintaining and producing high-quality healthy good looking broilers for your customers.

In this article we are not going to delve into details on the management practices of broiler production instead a list of the basics you need to succeed will be listed below with a link, linking to a more elaborate article that will be of immense help to you.



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The basic rules you need, with good broiler management practice, are as follows:

Selection of good healthy birds, free from all forms of deformity, obtain from a standard hatchery.

  • Ensuring a good brooding environment.
  • Adhering to strict bio-security measures.
  • Good litter management i.e. clean and fresh litter
  • Ensuring a clean and dry chicken house.
  • Adhering to a good and standard vaccination regimen.
  • A good poultry disease prevention and control mechanism should be put in place
  • Putting in place a good pest control mechanism for keeping mongooses, rats, snakes, and ants out of the house.
  • Avoid indiscriminate use of antibiotics.
  • Provision of clean drinking water, with the occasional use of a good multivitamin to relieve stress and boost immunity.
  • Adequate and good heat stress management in times of harsh and hot extreme weather.


broiler farming

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Creating Your Own Minimum Wage (Livelihood) Through Broiler Farming

One of the secrets of being at the top of your game in broiler production. At the same time attracting loyal customers to your farm that will keep the income flowing has to do with the following important points:

  1. Being Consistent In Broiler Production: People love it whenever they come to your farm or property they will always find broilers to buy. You can achieve this by having separate batches of birds probably 2 to 3 weeks apart. In no time your news will spread around, whenever your customers are in need of birds they will always visit your farm.
  2. Clean Healthy Birds: Buyers are always attracted to clean healthy looking birds, its appealing to the eyes. Good management practices coupled with clean, dry litter are recipes for clean healthy birds with at least achieving a live weight of 3kg
  3. Feeds: Do not compromise your broiler feeds, broiler are sensitive and respond to quality feeds. With quality feed, you can achieve your target weight within the shortest period of time. Which will guarantee a quick turnover and continual reinvestment into your business for uninterrupted cash flow.
  4. Leveraging and Utilizing the Festive Periods and Season of Wedding Ceremonies: Most regions and countries around the world have periods and seasons of the year at which weddings, religious ceremonies are at their highest. You can utilize this period of the year to make a lot of sales translating into cash.
  5. Creating Your Brand: You can go a step further in your enterprise by learning how to properly label and package your product. This will help identify and create your own brand by distinguishing you from the rest farmers.

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