Healthy sheeps will attracts good market price

3 Best Ways to Get a Good Market Price for Your Livestock

3 Best Ways to Get a Good Market Price for Your Livestock

Nothing gives a farmer great concern more than getting an appropriate and profitable market price for his livestock.

The ultimate goal of any successful farmer is to be able to sell off his livestock in record time without being at the mercy of the middlemen.

The simple and best way to achieve this feat is to focus on the end-user (the consumer), knowing exactly what they want, how they want it, and when they want it will go a long way to make a huge difference.

In everyday business, if you present anyhow product, it will attract anyhow patronage. People will price your products anyhow without any consideration for the effort you put in.

Nothing gives a farmer strong confidence than when he has good and healthy animals (livestock) to sell.

It’s a simple rule i.e when you have healthy good looking livestock for sale your customer (buyer) will be at your mercy.

But when you have a quirky, sick-looking animal (livestock) for sale you will be at the mercy of the buyer (consumer).

No business person or farmer wants to be at the mercy of the buyer, it is the pride and joy of any successful farmer to have his products sold out immediately due to their quality and attractiveness.

This article will help pinpoint some basic points that will assist you in securing a good market price for your farm animals (livestock).

The following are the points:

  1. Invest Your Time, Knowledge, and Finances in Producing Good, Healthy Livestock.
  2. Know Your Targets Market From Day One.
  3. Be Consistent In Producing Quality Livestock.


Good feeding will always attracts a good market price for your livestock

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  • Invest Your Time, Knowledge, and Finances in Producing a Good, Healthy Livestock.

Nothing woos a prospective buyer than a healthy good looking animal (livestock). Farming is a great and highly profitable business when done correctly.

Investing your time, knowledge and financial resources judiciously will positively affect the quality of livestock you produce on your farm.

Your Time: investing your time in your farm business is very crucial to the overall success of your entire farming enterprise.

We all know that you can’t do everything alone when delegating duties and responsibilities to farmworkers ensure you supervise what is happening.

Some farmworkers have been known to be notorious for siphoning or shortchanging livestock feeds and drugs for their own gain.

Although in most cases this cannot be completely eliminated, reducing it to the barest minimum can make a huge difference.

Finding time to personally supervise your farm workers to ensure that the appropriate medication, treatment, and feeding are given to your farm animals at the appropriate time, will always lead to good and healthy farm animals (livestock).

Always Endeavor To Increase Your Knowledge Base: With the current technological advancement in agricultural research and other endeavors. You stand the chance to make a huge difference in your farming enterprise.

You can get relevant certificates in animal husbandry, and utilize the internet to your advantage i.e. YouTube, you can join WhatsApp, and Facebook groups where other farmers of like minds share ideas on the current trends in livestock production.

Finance: Reinvesting into your farm business with modern farm implements and machinery will not only increase your yield it will guarantee the quality of livestock production on your farm.


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Healthy sheeps will attracts good market price

In Order to Have a Good Market Price for your livestock You need to Know Your Target Market Price From Day One.

Visualizing and knowing the end from the beginning gives you a sense of direction and serves as a motivational guide towards achieving your desired goal in terms of i.e. target weight, quality of livestock produce (both health and its attractiveness)

Who are your target markets, do you intend to sell to the middlemen, directly to the abattoir, or during religious festivals and ceremonies. i.e. during the Muslim festival of ‘Eid al-Adhar the Festival of Sacrifice.

Sick and underweight sheep are completely discouraged during ‘Eid al-Adha (The festival of sacrifice), while the Christians prefer turkey and broiler birds during Christmas celebration (poor looking and underweight birds are easily rejected) while good looking and healthy birds will attract good prices from the buyers.

It is very pertinent on the part of the farmer to understand his target markets so that he will put in more effort in producing quality and healthy-looking livestock.


A he Goat feeding her young

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  • Be Consistent In Producing Quality Livestock for You to Attract A Good Market Price for Your Livestock

It takes great effort and a lot of sacrifices to build, groom, and have loyal customers over a period of time.

Once your buyers have confidence in your farm produce, that is exactly when you will say you are in business.

Nothing frustrates a buyer more than buying from an inconsistent farmer that is always having one reason or the other for not meeting up to the expectation of his customers.

Once you discover what your buyers want, stick to it and your sales will skyrocket over time.

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