11 Wonderful Benefits of Urban Farming, And Why You Should Engage In It.

11 Wonderful Benefits of Urban Farming, And Why You Should Engage In It.

Urban farming can simply be explained as the act of growing plants (i.e. crops, vegetables, and fruits), and rearing animals in a metropolitan area for the benefit of mankind.

Urban farming is unique in such a way that it serves to improve the lives of the farmer, his family, and his environment in so many ways.

In this knowledge base article, we are going to list and explain the numerous benefits of urban farming.


transplanting tomatoes in urban farming


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  1. The Assurance That You Are Eating Healthy Food

Noting gives a family man peace of mind than knowing fully well that the foods he is eating together with his entire household are organically grown.

It is healthy and free from all sorts of pesticides and growth-enhancing hormones and chemicals.

Typical plants grown in most urban farms include vegetables, fruits, loose-leaf lettuces, herbs, etc.

These are plants rich in minerals, nutrients, and fiber, extremely beneficial to human health and the entire well-being of the family.

  1. Urban farming Helps Preventing Food Insecurity

Food insecurity in Africa and in most parts of the world is a serious problem. Much can be achieved in alleviating food insecurity by engaging in urban farming.

Urban farming can help alleviate some of the pressures of food insecurity. When families grow basic foods in and around their properties.

Healthy food such as corn, vegetables, fruits, and the rearing of some livestock i.e.  Chickens for producing eggs, keeping little animals that require small spaces but at the same time produce sumptuous and extremely healthy meat for human consumption i.e. rabbits.


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  1. Nearness To The Market And Easily Accessible Farm

One of the most important advantages of urban farming is its nearness to market because of its location.

Urban farms are grown in city centers and other densely populated areas, so they’re closer to their consumers than field farms.

Family, friends, and neighbors are your first customers. Your customers have direct access to your farm products.

It means they will get your produce fresh and in good condition. These will save you from the hassle of transportation, third parties, the middlemen, etc.


  1. Low Initial Capital Investment With Low Risk

One of the benefits of urban farming is that it comes with low initial capital investments, unlike conventional large field farming where farm implements and machinery are required.

With urban farming, you can start from your backyards, rooftops, abandoned warehouses, containers, etc.

It’s a matter of properly utilizing the available space and resources on your property including both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The good thing about urban farming practice is the fact that the cost of labor is greatly reduced. i.e. it can be run by any member of your family, friends, or neighbor.


community market

Community market

  1. Urban Farming Provide An Avenue For Community Cohesion

Another good benefit of urban farming, it helps build strong communities ties by stimulating the economy and providing a mutually beneficial experience.

Various households in the community produce farm produce. Urban farming presents an avenue where different smallholder farmers bring in their farm produce to the farmers or the local community market to sell their farm products.

Thereby providing an opportunity for social gathering, which enriches the ties between members of the community.

These farms, such as community gardens, have been shown to help during crises, leverage resources, and foster social interaction between diverse groups of people.

  1. Readymade Market

Most farmers that engage in urban farming can attest to the fact that there is already made market for their produce.

Basically, they produce what the community needs. What is in high demand in the community in which they live.

When planting crops, small farmers should identify unmet demand for certain products in the local market. Urban farms make it easier to supply trendy food to meet this demand.


Urban farming: Home vegetables

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  1. Urban Farming Helps In Boosting The Local Economy

One of the tremendous advantages of urban farming is its ability to boost the local economy. Many households are able to sell their farm produce in the community market.

This ensures cash flow, money in circulation, and the opportunity to expand business leading to more business opportunities, generating more employment for the family and the local community.

  1. ‍Seasonal Farming Is Out Of It

When it comes to urban farming seasonal farming is completely out of it. You have the advantage of farming throughout the year.

The use of both well water and borehole water can be used to complement tap water. You can use one of the following to water your gardens or farm.

If you are growing your plants indoors in a controlled environment, your growing season is not restricted by unpredictable weather conditions.


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    9. Less Packaging Required

With large industrial-scale farming, labeling and packing are required to increase brand awareness, and sales and to improve the shelf of the farm produce. All these practices have a lasting effect on the environment as most of the materials used for these purposes will end up polluting the environment if not properly disposed of.

In urban farming, the products are sold directly to the customer mostly within the farm premises. This will completely do away with this practice.


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  1. Urban Farming Helps in Air Purification

When it comes to fresh air, healthy lungs, and good breathing you will understand why some folks prefer to live in the countryside.

But you can create this healthy environment yourself when you grow healthy plants around your environment.

The process of photosynthesis is a good example of the process of purification that takes place every day around us.

With urban farming, you have varieties of plants growing all around you. Thus helping to keep the air and oxygen clean and healthy.

  1. Appreciating Mother Nature

Urban farming helps us and our kids to understand and appreciate the beauty of nature and how our food is produced.

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