young rabbit bunnies beginning to feed on solid food

6 Ways You Can Care For Your Rabbit Bunnies When Their Mother Dies

6 Ways You Can Care For Your Rabbit Bunnies When Their Mother Dies

Nothing could be more devastating as well as dampen the spirit of a rabbit farmer than seeing a dead rabbit let alone the mother of your rabbit bunnies.

Once in a while rabbit farmers are confronted with the bitter realities of a dead rabbit, although rabbit lactating mothers seldom die.

It’s not uncommon when you keep farm animals you will often be confronted with sick or dead animals.

No matter how best you try, the truth is how you handle the situation will certainly distinguish you from the other farmers.

I as a rabbit farmer have experienced a situation like this.

This informed my decision to write an article on this subject matter.

This will help other farmers braise up in case they are confronted with an unpleasant similar situation like this.

On average a domestic rabbit breastfeeds her babies for about 8 weeks, gradually decreasing the frequency of feedings until they finally lose interest.


rabbit bunnies inside a nest

rabbit bunnies inside a nest


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Investigation and isolation of the rabbit bunnies

Normally seeing your mother’s rabbit death comes with shock and disbelief, but do not despair your utmost goal is to forge ahead and save the life of the remaining bunnies.

One of the first steps to take is to assess the entire environment, especially when you are very sure everything was ok the previous night, in terms of the health of your rabbits.

Investigate for the presence of a potential harmful predator such as snakes, scorpions etc. a broken wire mesh, or a hole into their house or hutch.

You should also check their feed for poison or the presence of an underlying ailment.

Anything that could lead to the death of the mother rabbits should be thoroughly investigated to avert feature occurrence.

After careful investigation, you can now take your rabbit bunnies to a more secure and comfortable place for good management and care.

You should provide a quiet place away from disturbances, warm blankets, and dry leaves to maintain their body temperature, especially at night.


young rabbit bunnies beginning to feed on solid food

Young rabbit bunnies beginning to feed on solid food

Feeding Formula and the Feeding Schedule

As a rabbit farmer if this is the first time you are experiencing this type of situation it is appropriate to seek advice and guidance from a veterinarian or experienced rabbit farmer.

They are in the best position to give you a holistic feeding schedule and formula.

Usually kitten milk replacement formula is often recommended for young bunnies, administered with a syringe or nursing bottle.

You can get these items from your local pet supply store or agro-vet stores. You can also shop online which will allow you to browse and scan for exactly what you need.

The major items you need include:

  • nursing bottle or syringes
  • fresh, whole goat milk
  • kitten milk
  • lyophilized (freeze-dried) colostrum

Normally domestic mother rabbits feed their bunnies once or twice a day usually at night it is important not to overfeed them.


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Grooming your rabbit bunnies and their hygiene

If the mother rabbits were alive she would occasionally wag her tongue on their bellies and anogenital region to release a stream of urine and poops

It means you will have to improvise this task by using a soft, damp cloth after feeding to simulate the grooming they would receive from their mother.

You should ensure a clean bedding area to prevent infections.

Help your bunnies to defecate and stay clean, cottonball, your fingertips or any soft clean disinfected surface, as long as it won’t harm your bunnies can be used.

Moistened with warm water, and gently tap/rub the urogenital area until you feel the baby’s abdominal muscles tense and it begins to pee

It can take up to 20 seconds before the urines start coming out you can do this before or after feeding. but many sources recommend doing this before feeding.


socializing your rabbits

socializing your rabbits


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Constantly Monitoring Their Health And Weight Gain

The growth and weight gain of your bunnies is an indication of a good life regardless of whether their mum is alive or not.

It becomes very important that you regularly check and observe your bunnies’ health. Look for signs of distress, illness, buff stomach or inadequate feeding.

You should periodically monitor their weight gain to ensure they are growing properly and uniformly.


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Two Female doe


Gradually introduce them to solid foods

 As baby bunnies begin to gain weight and grow in strength, you should gradually introduce them to solid food, i.e., Fresh, green hay, and well-formulated rabbit pellets.

And fresh greens can be gradually introduced following the guidance of a vet or rabbit expert to avoid diarrhoea.


Introduce Your Rabbit to Other Rabbits on Your Farm

As your rabbit bunnies grow older and gain strength. You can as well introduce your bunnies to other rabbits for companionship, and guidance.

Before introducing those to any rabbit pen ensure the absence of any form of infectious diseases.

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