acquire knowledge to make yourself indispensable

How to Make Yourself Indispensable and Highly Sought After

How to Make Yourself Indispensable and Highly Sought After.

Be calm and polite.

This is a very important factor. The way and manner you interact with your boss and colleagues. How you transact business, with your colleagues.  And those around you speaks volume about your character and person.


This is a critical factor in determining how people will open up to your friendship and trust. When people trust and like you. They will entrust their valuables, job or assignment into your hands to execute.


How you handle it, gives you another greater opportunity. That will eventually make you an indispensable partner.

Be honest.

Be a man of your words. People should be able to count on you anytime, any day when given a task to perform. Avoid procrastination.


Meeting deadline will put a smile on your bosses face. It will increase his confidence in you. Which in turn will make you a more reliable and trustworthy person.

Acquire new skills.

Having a degree from a reputable College or University will be of tremendous help and advantage.  But will not stand you out. Because most people have it too.


acquire knowledge to make yourself indispensable

Acquire more knowledge to make yourself indispensable.

Acquiring additional skills in plumbing, electrical or mechanical engineering repairs. Will always make you indispensable and sort after, because your services will always be needed. Always get updated with the new technological innovations and news around the world

Upgrade yourself technologically.

Especially in the area of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), your skills will always be needed. To solve and proffer solutions in the office and the business environment. Hardware computer repairs, maintenance.


You can learn a good software, you might not necessarily be a programmer or a software developer. But having a basic knowledge of how to use some everyday software such as Microsoft office, photo editing software’s etc. will stand you out.

Be a problem solver.

Truly indispensable employees will help these individuals get their points across and mediate discussions.


Indispensable employees understand the value of collaboration and make every effort to contribute to the group’s success not just their own.

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In the long run, you’ll feel less overwhelmed if you have an empowered group of people around you who feel confident expressing themselves positively and executing their duties.

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Be hardworking and productive.

Never leave what can be done today till tomorrow, tomorrow always comes with its own challenges.

Working tools

Working tools

Be punctual and conscious of time.


When those working with you notices your punctuality to work and duty.  You become a reliable and indispensable person.

Aim for high standards. 

Always put in your best regardless of the nature of the job you are doing. People should have confidence in you.

Be trustworthy.

Never cheats, lie or double cross your colleagues, friends and boss because your reputation will always pave a way for new opportunities and greater height. 

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Be generous.

Most importantly you should know that nobody lives forever, be generous with your knowledge and the skills you’ve acquired over the years. So that you don’t die with it.

Be a team player.

Always carry people along, nobody has monopoly of knowledge. The more you help and teach people, the more you become likeable. And the more likeable you become the more people wants to associate with you, and the more you become indispensable.

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