the image depicts the right time to start

The Fear of Starting, Best Strategy to Overcome it

Best Strategy  For Overcoming the Fear of Starting

Certainly the fear of starting undoubtedly keep a lot of people from achieving their goal in life. in this article you will understand the simple strategy to employ in order to combat this great monster called fear.


the image depicts the right time to start

The right time to start is now

We were traveling the other day in a friend’s car as we approach the city gate we met a lot of commuters that were stranded as a result of fuel scarcity and no taxi.


As we drove pass them, I thought that we could assist some of them though we can’t help all of them, but the lucky few can be assisted.


Passing through the gate we saw some of them that have taken their destiny into their hands and began to trek the distance.


This set of commuters inspired us by taking the bull by the horn without minding the distances the sun, or the rain.


They only have one goal to reach their destination instead of being stuck in a state of hopelessness, waiting endlessly God’s knows when help will come.


We decided to pick those commuters that are already trekking, we picked as much as our car could carry.


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In Order To Achieve Your Goals and To Overcome the Fear of Starting You Need To Employ the Following Strategies

  • Overcome the fear of starting


  • Just believe that help will come when you start


  • You have to take the risk first


  • Utilize the power of the “D” words desire, decision, determination and dedication.


  • Create a to do list


  • Set target and deadlines.


  • Be mindful of time, every second counts.


A lot of us just decide to wait aimlessly, waiting for the right moment, hoping that something will happen, some form of help will come from heaven.


There is a popular adage that says       

“The Harder You Work The Luckier You Become”.

Starting a raise

Just start

The Power of Starting Small

Having the courage to start a business or initiate a project with the little available resources you have at your disposal, means only one thing you got the guts overcome the fear of starting and this will stand you out from the crowd.


When you start by all means possible, you will be amaze how the forces of nature will come to your rescue and suddenly things will begin to fall into place.


Most great ventures started like a joke, a hobby or some unintentional ventures, until it begins to take shape and the people around you, both family and friends begin the see the future in it.


Before you realize it, more ideas, innovation, resources will begin to mobilize in your favor, towards achieving your desired goal.


You will inevitably face set-backs, tough times, be crippled with stress, depression, and self-doubt, and there will be days when you feel like packing it all in but you should never, ever give up.



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“I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is the ability to overcome the fear of starting, pure perseverance, patience and being calm in the midst of uncertainty”


The same persons who are waiting for you to fail so they can point the accusing finger and make themselves feel better about their own lack of achievement and courage will be spurring you on from the sidelines at every difficult challenge, telling you to give up.


A lady walking on a rope

You can make it

 If you want to give up remember why you started in the first place:

  • Remember your family, your children, everyone that will benefit from your success.


  • Visualize poverty starring you at the face, like a monster with a two edge sword.


  • Envision success with the peace and freedom that comes with it.


  • Consider the respect and admiration that comes with success.


  • The satisfactions that comes from your genuine effort and hard work.


 Then you will realize that given up is not a better option. Don’t listen to them. Listen to yourself and do what you think is right. Your intuition will never let you down.


There is a very genuine fear of starting and real risk that your business venture might fail, but so what? Immense yourself in the joy of starting something worthwhile and the experience and knowledge you acquired through the learning curve will be a very valuable asset towards achieving your lifetime goals.

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