turning defeat into victory

How to Turn Defeat into Victory

Turning Defeat into Victory


  • Turning Defeat into Victory.


  • Look at the brighter Side of Life.


  • The Choice to Succeed is to a larger extent in your hands.


Turning Defeat into Victory

Failure and pain are synonymous to victory, knowing these simple facts will help you turn defeat into victory on your journey towards greatness.


Many of our most brilliant and great men and women have passed through great disappointment, failure, and frustration in life.


Instead of becoming depressed they have succeeded in turning defeat into victory.


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And have succeeded in creating and inventing some of the most useful and remarkable things known to man.

turning defeat into victory


Examples of Great Men who have succeeded in turning their Defeat into Victory

For instance, Beethoven wrote some of his finest songs after he was completely deaf. Milton produced his most beautiful poems after he was blind. Many of us would feel hopeless, if we suddenly become deaf or blind, or incapacitated.


Though it’s only natural that you feel the pain, disappointment, and depression as a result of the sudden change that comes with certain disabilities and loss.


But these great men were able to enrich the entire human race by turning defeat into victory in spite of their disabilities and difficulties.

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Why some people can meet the problem of life successfully while others fall far short of their ideals? To answer this you must, first of all, understand yourselves and why you react the way you do.


There are three major factors in the growth of the human mind namely


  • Heredity 


  • Environment


  • And our response.



These are known as inheritance or biological inheritance is the passing on of traits from parents to their offspring. It is that great mass of inherited tendencies, good or bad.


In which we are born with and you have little or absolutely nothing to change or influence it.


These are more or less fixed and permanent, you can do nothing to change them. But you can always modify these hereditary tendencies if you so wish and desire.



By and large, your environment has some psychological effect on the way and manner you think.


Your family background, cultural believes and affinity, religious belief, the list goes on and on.


The people you interact with on a daily bases directly or indirectly influence your thinking.


The bottom line is your resilience and determination in turning defeat into victory will always stand you out.

turning defeat into victory

Your response plays a major role in turning defeat into victory


But greater than either heredity or environment is your response.


Strength of character and resilience or the way you have reacted toward the problems of life. And your ability in turning defeat into victory.


Years ago, before the age of steam, people traveled in sailing ships the winds were often blowing from the wrong direction.


Yet those old sea captains usually managed to keep their ships sailing toward the ports they were trying to reach.


They did it by “tackling” back and forth, and by setting the sails so that the wind would still carry them forward. So it is with you.


“Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.”

-C. S. Lewis


The storms and stresses of life will either drive you forward or back, depending on how you direct your course.


It is so easy to blame others when the real problems usually lie within you. Your response means far more than all the influences that surround you.


You are not being blindly driven toward a cruel, inescapable fate. The choice always lies within you.


Many of your failures are due to childish reactions that you have carried all along into adulthood.


Turning defeat into victory can be achieved by following these simple rules




  • Do what you love doing most. Look at what you are good at, make a list put it into your schedule or routine.


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  • Comparison can be tempting, though but try as much as possible never to compare yourself with others.


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Striving to remain positive, calm, hopeful and focus amid confusion and disillusionment, will revive your mind and spirit on the path of success.

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