Feeding the cows

5 Tricks You Can Easily Use To Tame a Cow

5 Tricks You Can Easily Use To Tame a Cow

How to Easily Tame a Cow

Having a friendly and well-tamed cow is the delight of both the cattle farmer and his entire family.


This is true because it pertains to the safety of everyone involved from the cattle owner, farmworker, or attendants to the rest of the family members.


Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to rear and fatten a lot of different cows from the friendly and docile type to the wild and unfriendly cows.


When you want to tame a Cow you put into consideration the source or where you buy the cows from:


  • The cattle farmers themselves
  • From the nomadic Fulani cattle herders
  • At the cattle markets


tame a cow


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Cattle farmers

The cow bought from the cattle farmers themselves are usually friendlier, relax, and docile to humans, because they are already used to their human handlers. This makes taming the cow less cumbersome.


It takes a little time for them to get used to their new caregiver and handlers.


The nomadic Fulani cattle herders of West Africa

They are basically pastoralists, their major occupation is raising livestock. They move from one region of the country to another in search of greener pastures.


One intriguing fact about the Fulani people is that they are not settlers they move through the bushes and the hinterlands in search of green vegetation for their livestock.


This lifestyle makes them have less contact with both human and urban settlement.


This kind of lifestyle predisposes their animals particularly cows to be more unpredictable and hostile to strangers especially their new handlers.


So, therefore, if you want to tame a Cow buying it from a Fulani man requires you to be more cautious in the way and manner you handle them.


They actually require more time and skills to be tamed in order to accept their new handlers.


Probably in confinement or in a restricted environment. Very different from the pastoral grazing pattern they are familiar with usually under the watchful eye of the Fulani shepherd.


Putting in mind that cows are very social animals, depending on the rest of the herd for security.


They are happiest when they are with other cattle. They depend on the rest of the herd for survival. And also the Fulani herdsman for direction and protection.


The Fulani herdsman has over the years develop a special skill of controlling and communicating with his herds of cattle.


The cows are familiar with his language, use of various sounds and words of commands, in communicating impending danger from cattle rustlers and other large predators.


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The Fulani Cattle

The Fulani cattle have been well trained to rely on their senses of smell, hearing, and sight to survive.


The cattle owned by the Fulani herders respond to danger by running, fighting, and being hostile to strangers.


They instinctively fear anything strange or new until they find out it won’t hurt them, it takes time for this to happen.


They are alert to unusual smells, sights, or sounds ready to run or to stand their ground and fight to protect themselves and their young calves.


It is therefore very important when trying to tame a cow you should put into consideration the influence of the initial handlers on the cow such as the Fulani pastoralist.


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At The Cattle Markets

The cattle markets are a mixture of all manner of cows, the hostile, tamed, friendly, docile, and wild animals.


To tame a cow your sense of judgment, instincts, and kin sense of observation will help you make the right choice at the cattle markets.


Practical experience has shown that most cows (animals) when exposed to a strange and unfamiliar environment they tend to be hostile.


After bringing them home with consistency in caring and feeding they become familiar with the new environment and their new handlers.


you can easily tame a cow by feeding by hand


5 Simple Tricks to Employ If You Want To Tame a Cow during Fattening:


1#. If You Want To Tame a Cow You Need To Understand the Source of Your Cow

Having a clear understanding of the breed and source of your cow will help inform your decision on the right measures to take in taming a cow.


Although this may not be a yardstick but will help greatly in deciding the type of shelter, feed, and environment you will provide for the cow when taming it.


The cattle are gregarious animals and, by their nature, are reluctant to separate from their herd companions and to join with other animals and placed in a new environment.


Cows that are not familiar with seeing other human beings other than the Fulani shepherd that takes care of them. And are only familiar with grazing around, not use to restricted movement.


Will definitely have a hard time settling down in their new environment. Taking them to organize farms and rural settlement requires special skills, and care.


Understanding the source of your cow will give you an idea of how best to tame a cow.



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2#. To Successfully Tame a Cow, Be On the Lookout for Any Presence of Disease, Injury, Discomfort, or Pain

The first step to take is to thoroughly investigate your cow for the presence of any injury, disease, or discomfort.


Cows are animals of prey the presence of any pain or discomfort can instigate hostility or fight as a way of defending itself from further pain and attack.


The first step towards successfully taming a cow after purchasing it is to invite a qualified veterinary doctor to examine and give appropriate treatment to your cow.


A healthy and more relax cow will be easier to tame and care for, than a sick and injured one.


Feeding the cows

Feeding the cows


3#. Provide a Conducive and Restricted Environment

By providing a conducive and restricted environment for your cow, you are creating a scenario for complete dependency and familiarity between you and your newly acquired animal (cow).


To tame a cow successfully involves a sequence of repetitions. By providing water, feed and coming to its stable several times in a day.


These create gradual familiarity and trust over time.


4#. Providing Adequate Food and Water

If you want to tame a cow never allow it to go hungry, but try to allow a small space of empty feeder trough. By having a feeding routine.


Provide adequate, palatable, fresh, and nutritious feed to your cow intermittently.


This is one of the easiest ways you can win the heart of your cow. When the cow discovers that his existence depends on you.


On sighting, you the animal (cow) will calm down at least to have a meal first. Sooner than later the cow realizes that your intentions are genuine, you actually mean well.


providing feed


5#. In Taming a Cow You Need To Take One Step at a Time Be Patient

After bringing a new cow into your farm or property, in your quest to tame a cow successfully allow feeding it for several weeks.


Afterward, you can start by hand-feeding the cow with its favorite feed from a short distance with a barricade after creating some degree of familiarity. 


Sooner than later the cow begins to trust you to touch, caress and brush its nose, neck, and head.


This should be done with extreme caution, with time physical contact with the cow becomes easier.


Cows are highly sensitive animals they take good note of their caregivers, even other farmworkers that move in and around the farm premises.


In Conclusion

Taming a cow is a skill that you learn over time that involves practical experience with different cattle breeds, with different temperaments.


Once you’ve successfully tamed your cow, they are fun to be with, truly loveable animals.


In your dealings with any cow always remember that you are still dealing with an animal.


No matter how friendly a cow appears to be, always exercise extreme caution and care when around them.


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