free range system of farming noiler chickens

How to Feed Your Noiler Chickens For Maximum Profits

How to Feed Your Noiler Chickens For Maximum Profits

When it comes to Feeding noiler chickens many farmers take this aspect for granted not knowing that it’s one of, if not the most important, tasks when it comes to raising noiler chickens.


Many people these days are opting for noiler chicken farming. Due to its viability when it comes to good return on investment.


If you get it right, you will have a healthy beautiful flock of chickens that will make you proud any time.


But if you get wrong, it will lead to a poor growth rate, poor weight gain, and high mortality due to immunosuppression.


Other conditions associated with poor feeding include feather pecking, feather eating, poor egg production.


These and many other conditions are more than enough to make any poultry farmer frustrated.


feeding noiler chickens

noiler chickens


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Feeding Noiler Chickens For Maximum and Effective Results

Involves the poultry farmer or rather the noiler chicken farmer to understand and make an informed decision on what method of rearing of birds is he going to employ.


So, let’s gets straight into all you need to know about feeding noiler chickens.


What Should You Feed your noiler Chickens?


Once you know what you’re doing, and you realize want you to want.  Feeding noiler chickens become a straightforward issue.


There are a lot of myths, false information, and misunderstanding about feeding noiler chickens.


Let me categorically state it clear if your noiler chickens do not have a standard well-formulated feed, or you do not provide all the necessary nutrients they need to thrive.


By allowing them access to a natural environment where they can source and meet their nutritional needs, then failure is inevitable.


A lot of folks make this assertion that noiler chickens are much easier and cheaper to rear than broiler chickens. This is true no doubt about it.


You cannot keep your noiler birds in a restricted environment with less quality feed and you expect a good result.


Certainly, their immune system will be comprised, giving room to other opportunistic infections and diseases.


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deep litter system

deep litter system


Using the Deep Litter System of Poultry Farming

When it comes to feeding noiler chickens in a restricted environment using the deep litter system of farming.


This involves the provision of quality feed usually standard pelletized feeds that contains wheat, salt, maize, soy meal, sunflower seed, and oats, synthetic protein e.g lysine, methionine, antitoxins, antioxidants, premix, minerals, etc.


Couple with the provision of adequate clean water at all times. This will ensure a rapid growth rate, fast weight gain, and healthy noiler chickens with strong resistance to diseases.


Feeding your chickens pellets ensures that they are getting vital vitamins, nutrients, and minerals from their food source to keep them healthy.


This is even more important since your noiler birds don’t have access to outdoor free-range, because they won’t get minerals and salt from the ground.


Failure to provide standard feed will result in noiler birds with poor growth rate, poor weight gain, looking sick and unattractive.


Noilers love to pick insects, bugs and seeds

Noilers love to pick insects, bugs and seeds


Signs to show that you are using poor poultry feeds includes:

  • Reduced egg production especially during the rainy season.
  • High morbidity and mortality rate.
  • Feather eating and feather peaking
  • Weak eggshells, abnormal egg shapes
  • Uneven growth rate.
  • Persistence presence of diseases in your flock.


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free range system of farming noiler chickens

Free range system of farming noiler chickens


The Free Range Method of Rearing Noiler Chickens

Free-range is an excellent way you can rear noiler chickens. This is possible if you have a large expanse of land for this purpose.


As long as your birds are provided with adequate clean water, shelter, and security from thieves as well as predators.


You can feed them grains such as corn or wheat sparingly to give them some variety.


Chickens love to scratch the ground for seeds, insects worms peck on fruits, and eat fresh grass and vegetables.


Noiler birds love to feast on leftovers on a harvested field or farm. They also love vegetable peels, bananas, carrots, and broccoli.


You can supplement their feeds by feeding noiler chickens pellets once in the morning and later in the evening.


Some people prefer to throw chicken pellet straight onto the floor and let their chickens peck at it.


It’s a good practice that you use a chicken feeding trough by placing it close to their house or you place it under a tree shade to keep them clean and dry.


This habit will make the birds accustomed to you and their caregiver which makes it easier to get them into their house or safety every evening.


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