rich through broiler farming

8 Ways You Can Easily Get Rich Through Broiler Farming

8 Ways You Can Easily Become Rich Through Broiler Farming


  1. Getting a good location for your farm and business will help you get rich through broiler farming.

Getting rich through broiler farming entails that you should be proactive and have foresight from the onset of your business.

A lot of factors should be put into consideration before starting out, and one important factor is having a good location and nearness to a market where there is commerce and enterprise.

Don’t be deceive by cheaply available lands, which are available in rural areas or the hinterlands. As a good businessman, your broiler farm should be located close to big cities.

Where the demand for broiler meat is in high demand, when buying land for your broiler farm the following should be put into consideration.

  • Security of lives and property (both farm workers and your broilers)
  • Good access road to the city center
  • Nearness of your farm to the city center
  • Affordable and good source of electricity
  • Availability of cheap and affordable labor that will be beneficial to both the farmer and his workers
  • Conducive weather conditions to grow your birds (broilers) where possible extremely cold and hot weather should be avoided.




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2. If you produce neat and healthy-looking broilers it will boost your chances of selling your product broilers) quickly and easily.

Getting rich through broiler farming involves a premeditated and conscious effort from day one.

The big question to ask yourself is how you will produce a product that people (consumers or customers) will like and appreciate.

In my several years in the business of broiler production, I have come to realize that customers have a genuine preference for neat and healthy-looking broilers.

Especially for those customers that come to your farm directly to make their purchases.

There is no substitute for this very important factor, broiler consumers have a complete disdain for dirty and sick-looking birds (broilers).

As a broiler farmer, you have to work seriously on your litter (deep litter system of growing birds) to make sure it’s neat, healthy, and moisture free for your birds.

If you have dirty and poorly manage litter it will tell on your birds, they will look dirty, sick, and unkempt. Making your entire broiler operation unprofessional.

You should strive to provide a healthy production environment, free from any environmental stressors.


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ways to become rich through broiler farming


  1. Your broiler prices should be moderate

Do not be over-ambitious if you really want to be rich through broiler farming.

Most broiler farmers want to become millionaires overnight. Life is a journey and it takes one step at a time.

Your basic aim is to get rich through broiler farming and to make money, but before the money comes you have to build a good, sizeable, and loyal customer base.

You have to realize that you don’t make money by hitting the jackpot at once. Genuine rich people (rich broiler farmers) make their money over time.

As a result of several years of accumulated gains from their broiler venture.

Striking a balance that will be both beneficial to you and your customers is the best way to go.

The truth about broiler farming is if you have less mortality, healthy broilers and you sell at the prevailing market price you will always make a decent profit.


  1. Getting rich through broiler farming entails that your product (broilers) should always be available i.e. consistent.

Nothing frustrates a loyal customer more than his inability to get his desired product any time he needs it.

As a successful broiler farmer, you should always have different batches of broiler birds, that are due for sale on your farm.

One of the best ways to keep and have loyal customers is to always have broilers on your farm. This will guarantee patronage and will prevent you from losing your customers to your competitors.


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get rich through broiler farming


  1. Stock high-quality day-old chicks

You can never get rich through broiler farming by stocking poorly hatched day-old chicks.

Always go for high-quality chicks from reputable hatcheries. With good reviews from other broiler farmers within and outside your locality.

If your foundation is faulty forget it, you have lost it, no magic will save your broiler farming venture.

The key to your success is to start with good day old chicks, they will guarantee you the following.

  • Good feed conversion rate
  • Fast weight gain
  • High disease resistant
  • Even growth rate
  • broad breast meat


broiler farming business


  1. Provide good biosecurity if you really want to get rich through broiler farming

Many broiler farmers take this very important factor for granted. The following biosecurity tips will help you in your quest to get rich through broiler farming.

  • All visitors to your farm should wear protective clothing and should be disinfected before entering your broiler farm.
  • Avoid keeping local birds, ducks, and turkeys together with your broilers.
  • Prevent wild birds from entering your poultry pen and farm
  • Have an antibacterial foot-deep before entering your poultry house.
  • Your farm workers should not keep local chickens in their various homes this is to prevent transmission of poultry disease.
  • Ensure that your broiler birds are fully vaccinated against the major poultry diseases that affect broilers especially.
  • Provide an isolation pen or house for sick broiler birds.
  • Always bury and completely destroy sick and dead birds far away from your broiler farm.
  • Avoid or reduce your visit to neighboring farms.
  • Always stay informed of the current trend in poultry broiler farming. i.e. drugs, feeds, and poultry diseases.


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  1.  To get rich through broiler farming, don’t compromise your bird feeds

There are a lot of materials and YouTube videos telling you how to formulate your own broiler feeds, most of those materials and videos are craps and absolute nonsense.

Good and standard poultry feeds are a product of good research and a perfect combination of the various nutritious ingredients that will give your broiler birds the desired health, weight, and look.

I’m not discouraging you from formulating your own feed, but the truth is a lot of farmers in their quest to subsidize their poultry feed and production end up having huge losses.

If you are not sure of what you are doing, please stay clear from formulating your own feed. Broiler farming is a science, not a joke.


Experience is always a better teacher avoid the bitter experience”.


rich through broiler farming


  1. Be open to learning new ideas and methods of raising broilers.

Perfection and experience come with learning, age, and time, if you want to succeed and get rich through broiler farming, you need to learn from:

  • Recent research journals and projects on broiler production
  • Visit successful farms
  • Learn from experience broiler farmers.
  • Learn from those that quit poultry or broiler production, and why.
  • Watch good YouTube videos on broiler production etc.

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