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6 Reasons Why Broiler Chicken Meat Is the Most Preferred Meat, during Festive Christmas Period Compared to other Species of Birds.  

6 Reasons Why Broiler Chicken Meat Is the Most Preferred Meat, during Festive Christmas Period Compared to other Species of Birds.


The broiler chicken meat is one of the most preferred and popular meats around the world. Any successful broiler farmer can attest to this fact.

With the festive period around the corner (Christmas season) I have been receiving calls from my customers, friends and family.

They are calling to make inquiries and orders for their favourite meat of choice the broiler chicken meat.

This is one memorable season of love that makes many successful broiler chicken meat farmers cash out big time.

This is made possible because of the popularity and acceptance of broiler chicken meat.

More so, the very different ways it can be preferred to make the festive season a memorable celebration.

The broiler chicken meat over the years has undergone a series of research and studies geared towards its improvement.

With artificial selection and crossbreeding the broiler chicken meat can reach a live weight of 2.0 to 3.5 kg between 35 to 42 days.

The broiler chicken has been modified to grow fast and convert feed to plenty of meat within the shortest time.

However, the welfare of broiler chickens is of particular concern given the large number of birds produced at a time.

But a lot of smart broiler chicken farmers have device other means of growing their birds in human and more natural ways.


broiler chicken meat


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Below are some reasons why broiler chicken meat is the most preferred, especially during the festive period and other celebrations:


  1. The Broiler Chicken Has a Fast Growth Rate

This is one of broiler chicken’s most fascinating and beautiful characteristics, unlike other species of poultry birds.

The Broiler chickens are specifically bred and raised to produce plenty of meat (Just meat), within a short period, let’s say between 4 to 8 weeks.

Feed quality, Feeding patterns, the housing system, environmental stressors and good management all contribute to how fast they reach market weight.


  1. When Reared Properly the Broiler Chicken Are Uniform in Weight and Body Size

The broiler chicken when provided with good welfare conditions (i.e. good brooding system, conducive atmosphere, proper quality feeds).

You are sure of having standard uniform growth, size and weight across the board. Of course, this feat makes the broiler farmer proud of himself more also translates to more cash for the broiler farmer.


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  1. The Broiler Chicken Meat Is One of the Cheapest

Because of the short period, broiler chickens are produced and their ability to amass meat in less than 8 weeks.

The broiler business can be said to be more economically viable which helps the broiler farmer place a more affordable price tag and at the same time make good and reasonable profit.


  1. You Can Use the Available Resources at Your Disposal to Raise Your Broiler

The good thing about broiler chickens is that they can be raised in different environments and using different farming methods.

With the available resources at your disposal, you can start from your backyard using a cage system, an uncompleted building just to make it secure and safe for your birds.

Other farming methods include deep litter systems, free range or outdoor systems of rearing etc.


roasted broiler chicken meat


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  1. The Broiler Chicken Meat Is Widely Accepted Around The Globe

No meat is so popular and widely accepted like broiler meat. Unlike turkey meat which is often perceived as more expensive, strong, and not white.

The broiler chicken meat is tasty, soft with good texture and can be cooked in different ways i.e Either pan-fried or oven baked, it can be fried with oil, roasted, used in a stew or soup,  pepper meat, barbecued with other several methods so numerous to mention.

Chicken meat is considered a healthy meat compared to beef (red meat) it is a lean meat.

A good source of protein and is low in fat compared to some other meats, appealing to health-conscious individuals.


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  1. With Good Packaging, Labelling, Marketing and Distribution

The Broiler chicken meat business is one of the most rewarding business ventures any poultry farmer can go into.

It can give you a good return on investment within the shortest period if done properly.

With consistency and the production of quality healthy bird’s overtime you are sure of a stream of loyal customers with a sure market for your product.

With a well-structured distribution network, you can easily supply your broiler chicken meat to fast food chains, eateries, supermarkets, restaurants etc.

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