A man suffering from headaches

Causes of Headaches & Simple Tips on How To Manage & Prevent It.

Causes of Headaches and Simple Tips on How To Manage and Prevent It.

This article will help you unravel the causes of headaches and simple ways you can remedy it. Headache is one of the most common of all symptoms afflicting the entire human race.


Most headaches are more or less temporary, here today and gone tomorrow. And some are severe while others are a slight headache.  But some seem to occur frequently over a period of months or years. Such headaches may be due to a wide variety of causes.



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Possible Causes of Headaches

A headache can simple means your body needs rest to rejuvenate itself, it could be a sign of stress or emotional instability, or it can result from an underlying serious medical disorder, such as migraine or high blood pressure, anxiety, or depression.


Other causes of headaches could be as a result of tumors, infection, head injuries, eye conditions, infections of the nose, throat, and ears, and many more.


One should never assume that the causes of his headache are due to some serious disease or medical condition. Except otherwise proven by medical test and examination.


Any headaches that go on for several weeks and months calls for concern, to unravel the underlying cause.


Most headaches are functional and not related to any organic changes in the brain.


Even eyestrain is a far less common cause of headache than many people think.


It may interest you to know that the brain itself is not sensitive to pain, strange as this may be. It means that most headaches are not due to any actual damage within the brain itself.


However, any stretching or pressure on the coverings of the brain or the large blood vessels within the head. Will most certainly produce a severe pain or headache.


Any inflammation within the head, such as occurs in meningitis, will cause extreme pain over the entire head.


Such causes are extremely rare today. A tumor growing within the head may press upon the meningeal covering or dura.


This is capable of causing severe headache, which is usually felt on the side of the head where the tumor is located.


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A man suffering from headaches

Headaches can be classified into Primary and Secondary Headaches

In a nutshell, headaches can be classified into two major type’s primary and secondary types of headaches.


The primary cause of headaches is not as a result of a symptom of an underlying disease. E.g. cluster headache, tension headache, and migraine headache while the secondary cause of headache is a headache caused by an underlying medical condition, such as a headache caused by medication overuse, post-traumatic headache, spinal headache, etc.


How to Avoid and Treat Your Headache

Lack of Contentment Could  Cause Headaches

Do not always overstress your life. Things cannot always go your way all the time. Be it at home, at the workplace. We are always faced with difficult people.


You should cultivate a positive attitude towards life and try as much as possible to accept life situations in good fate.


Always try to face your problems bravely, and holistically, without fear or intimidation.


A calm quiet atmosphere will bring peace within you, not just within yourself. But you can radiate it outside to the larger society.


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Avoid things to which you are Sensitive to that are Capable of Causing Headaches to You

Avoid things that may cause you a lot of stress, such as bright lights, loud noises, tobacco smoking, strong perfumes, and heavy traffic.


And perhaps even some individuals or some of your neighbors that are difficult to work with. Don’t go beyond your limits, in other words, don’t chew more than you can handle.


Learn to relax

Just find one day out of seven days in a week at least. If all you could do is to do something differently just relax and stay free from everyday work.


Whether be it; meditation, or progressive muscle relaxation, having a walk with your dog, friends, or family. Something different from your normal day to day routine.


Don’t Form the Habits of Not Surviving Without Certain Drugs

Some individuals are in the habit of taking certain drugs always, this could lead to more serious problems such as drug addiction. If they don’t take such drugs they won’t feel well. Seeking medical advice is always the best option.


For instance, certain individuals cannot do without pain killers every evening after a day’s job. This drug has a way of affecting your well-being. And the normal running of your system.


Most times what you need is not a pain killer drug, you just need a sound sleep and a serene and relaxing atmosphere.


Allowing your mind to heal naturally from the cares and worries of this life. These drugs may bring you temporary relief. But in the end, they do not remove the true cause of your problem.


In fact, they cause another bigger problem which is “drug addiction” Please leave those drugs alone. If you need help consult your personal physician for proper medical attention.



Avoid taking drugs without a doctor’s prescription.



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Lack of Enough Sleep Could be the Cause of Headaches

Do not overstress your life or worry too much have faith in God and play your part.


Try as much as you could to at least take a short nap once in a while during the day. Especially when you feel very tired and exhausted, never exceed your elastic limit.


This will improve your brainpower and mental alertness. And help you relieve tension and restore your sense of well-being.

lack of enough sleep could cause headaches

Interrupted sleep or lack of enough sleep could cause headaches

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

There is no substitute for healthy living and a good lifestyle. If you want to enjoy good health and a long life do the following.

  • Get regular and sound sleep (especially when you are tired, when your body needs it, too much sleep could indicate other psychological condition e.g depression).




  • Reduce or avoid alcohol intake.


  • Stay clear from illicit drugs or self-medication.


  • Try as much as possible to live peacefully with your neighbor and friends avoid quarrels at all cost.


  • Do not overwhelm yourself do not starts what you are not sure you can accomplish within a reasonable stipulated time.


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Avoid Nervous Tension

Avoid nervous tension, get sufficient exercise outdoors, and spend time outdoors. Explore your environment, enjoy the beauty of nature around you.


Free yourself once in a while from the hustle and bustle of city life, do something different, it has a way of relieving tension as well.








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